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Groups wanting to sign-up to volunteer please contact our

Volunteer Coordinator Kristal Miller - 385-209-7345

. Volunteer positions include:

Christmas Carnival:

  • Teen Elves: Pair of teens takes small groups of 5 or 6 kids around to various activity stations

  • Run an activity station: either create your own game or activity or use one of ours; yes! prizes are allowed, but no tree nuts or homemade edibles please. Stickers, bite size candy, or trinkets are all allowed. 

  • Carnival Check-in/Check-out Desk: Signing kids in and out of the Carnival. 

Christmas Store:

  • Check-in Desk: Check families into the Store area and assign them to a host. 

  • Family Host: Walk the parents around the store helping the select items for their kids.  

  • Donation stockers: Help put out the items when sections get low; keep the area tidy and moving along. 

  • Check-out Desk & Bag Runners: Exchange the gift bags from the parents with claim tickets, take the bags down to the bag claim area by the exit so that the parents can enjoy the rest of the event without being hindered by big, heavy bags. 


  • Fundraising Committee: Help us find cash funds, donation drive hosts, and Giving Tree hosts.

  • Pre-event help: prepare giving trees & ornaments, take ornaments to Giving Tree Host locations, 

  • Event Set-up: sort donations, move tables/chairs, decorate the event space, etc.

  • Volunteer Check-in:

  • Guest Check-in

  • Guest Check-out

  • Security/Parking

  • Event Clean-up

How To Get Involved




It takes 300 people to pull off the event! We would love you to join us! We take singles and groups of any size. 

Ways to serve:

  • Host a donation drive for new and used clothing, toys, coats, groceries, household needs, etc. 

  • Help with fundraising: we always need cash for the event! We use the cash to purchase toys, clothing, and supplies for the event

  • Help with set-up or clean-up: we need people with trailers, strong muscles and those with great sorting skills! Anyone from age 4 to 94 can help with set-up and clean, just ask for details. 

  • Help the day of: we need youth groups in particular to help the Christmas Carnival, adults to help in the Christmas Store, and volunteers in the other stations.

  • Scout projects: a lot of scouts use us for their Eagle Scout projects. Read more here

We accept new and used items for children infant to 18, such as: 

  • Baby wipes, diapers, and pull-ups

  • Diaper rash cream

  • Toddler/baby/children's hygiene items (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, 
    lotion/hair brushes, etc.)

  • Winter blankets

  • Princess or super hero anything

  • Dress up clothing & activity sets

  • Legos, blocks, building toys

  • Winter clothing (hats, gloves, scarves, boots, coats, snow suits)

  • Shoes, socks, tights

  • Play/school clothing, and church clothing (dresses, dress slacks, etc.)

  • Children’s furniture & decor, (changing tables, cribs, high chairs, bouncers, bumbo’s, toddler beds, mobiles, etc.)

  • Cash is always useful!

  • We also collect gift cards for establishments in the Ogden area for the teenage siblings, such as: movie theaters, bowling, gas, food, fun centers, clothing stores (Forever 21, Aeropostale, Target & PacSun are popular) , etc.  

  • Or we accept cash donations:  

There are quite a few ways businesses can get involved in the giving: 

  • Become a Giving Tree location: Place a giving tree in your lobby for your employees and patrons to select kids to sponsor. Read more

  • Become a donation collection location: even if you can't put a Giving Tree in your lobby you can still collect cash donations for us!  

  • In-kind donations: Do you manufacture goods that our families can use? Toys, clothing, food, etc. We can provide a tax deduction receipt if desired. 

  • Cash donations: We always need cash! Cash is used to purchase toys, clothing, and supplies for the event. None of the of the money goes to personnel, because we are all unpaid volunteers! 

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