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What is a Giving Tree?

A Giving Tree is a Christmas tree with ornaments for generous people to select to sponsor a child. 

These ornaments include the following information:

  • Gender and age of the selected child

  • Donation suggestions for the child, such as: toy ideas, clothing and shoe size, hygiene items, etc. The ornaments suggest the general needs that the families we are serving have requested. 

  • Drop-off instructions

The ornaments do NOT get assigned to a specific child. The donations get pooled together and put in to our "Christmas Store" area for the parents to shop through the items and select what their kids need. The parents love this because it's a special shopping experience - it helps the parents feel like they're a part of the giving- and they get to still choose what their kids receive. 

How to become a Giving Tree or donation drop-off location: 

Almost any business can host a Giving Tree and a donation bin. The business must be a family friendly establishment. The business can also host a tree just for its employees to participate and not the public. 

We need as many Giving Tree locations as possible,
because we have over 2,500 kids to provide for!

How does it work?

  1. You can use the Christmas tree you would already use to decorate your lobby, or we can provide a tree for you.

  2. Simply hang up the paper ornaments we provide you with the donation requests on them.

  3. Put the donation collection box we give you next to the tree (or another location of your choosing that is safe & secure) 

  4. Please have the tree & ornaments up 2-3 weeks before Thanksgiving. 

  5. We will come pick the donations on a weekly or as needed basis. December 12th is the donation deadline, therefore that evening or the next day we will come pick up the extra ornaments and remaining donations. 

  6. It does NOT cost anything to be Giving Tree location, however we will gladly accept any donation you would like to give. We can provide a tax deduction receipt if needed. 


How to sign-up to host a Giving Tree? 

Call our Giving Tree Coordinator, Melissa Miller at 801-529-2905 and she will get the following information from you:

  1. Name of business

  2. Address of business

  3. Contact person with contact info

  4. Do you have already have a tree or do you need one?

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