How to Request Tickets


Parents can request tickets from these partner organizations:

OWCAP (Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership)

3159 Grant Ave

Ogden, UT

(801) 399-9281

Ogden School District Students: contact your school's Community School Coordinators with United Way of Northern Utah

Davis School District Students: contact your school's Community Family Service Worker

Or call our Family Ticket Coordinator Tanner Koons 385-262-1864

Ticket Qualifications:

Anyone can request tickets to the event for a family in need. However, to avoid duplication, abuse of the event, and to help us help as many families as possible by giving out more to each child in attendance we request that you follow these guidelines.


  1. The members of the family cannot be enrolled in another Christmas assistance type program, such as Toys for Tots, or a food pantry Sub-4-Santa. They cannot be receiving assistance with Christmas gifts from another group, organization, church, etc. We just don't have enough to go around, so this is VERY important. 

  2. Must prove low-income status per government guidelines, job loss, or another recent crisis that has prevented the parents/guardians from providing Christmas gifts to the children, such as recent hospital stay, job loss, accident, etc. For example, if your kids are enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program at their school you qualify on an income basis - see the school lunch income guidelines here

  3. The head of the household must have attended a "life skills" class in the 2020 calendar year, and provide a signed certificate of completion.  Please see the “Life skills classes” tab on the website for a list of qualified classes.  There are also links to the classes that will be provided virtually. 

If you have questions about the qualifications of any kind please do NOT hesitate to call Tanner Koons 385-262-1864


We want to help as many families as we can, we do not want to turn people away. BUT, because we cannot guarantee how many donations we will have for each family, we have to be strict with the policies.


Thank you for understanding!